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Roasting our own coffee has allowed us to source and serve up some fantastic espressos, showcasing incredible farms from across the world on our coffee bars and at the bakery – each with their own environmental initiatives, community support and attention to detail to their harvests.

Our espresso roasts are carefully profiled to bring out the optimum flavour in each bean – best enjoyed as a cafetière, AeroPress, or an espresso-based drink.


espresso roasts


Brazil, Eldorado


Brazil, Eldorado

As used in our shops for our milk-based espresso drinks (Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Flat White), Eldorado has family values at its core.

Mr. Laerce Franca Faleiros has been working with coffee for over 55 years, and has since passed on ownership to his son, Elvis – who now operates the Eldorado farms, having spent his entire life surrounded by the production of coffee.

This natural process coffee lends itself to sweet flavours, with taste notes of cocoa and hazelnut, with a syrupy finish, that shine through milk – but is also enjoyable as a black coffee.

Available to order in our shops and bakery, on the retail shelf and our web-shop.


cocoa and hazelnut coffee


Costa Rica, Aquiares Estate


Costa Rica, Aquiares Estate

Aquiares Estate is one of Costa Rica’s oldest and largest coffee farms, spanning across 924 hectares and a growing community of 1,800 people.

It is the first estate in Costa Rica to meet the Rainforest Alliance Climate Module requirements, and their emissions are tracked to certify that they do not have a negative impact on the climate.

As a pioneer in farming with minimal environmental impact, and carbon-neutrality, Aquiares is the focus of an ongoing study between the CIRAD Institute of France and the University of Costa Rica, which measures greenhouse gases between the farm and the atmosphere. This research will eventually be shared amongst coffee farmers across the world to help estimate and reduce their own carbon footprint.

This washed-process coffee yields notes of chocolate and caramel, roasted to bring out the lively characteristics of the espresso as a black coffee.

Available to order in our shops, on the retail shelf and our web-shop.




Colombia, La Esperanza


Colombia, La Esperanza

Traceability is one of the most important aspects of our coffee-sourcing philosophy, which is why we were excited to have Colombia, La Esperanza as part of our rotation. Thanks to the Ifinca platform, you can scan the QR code on the back of the coffee bag to see the entire journey through the supply chain of this coffee – from bean to cup.

La Esperanza is owned and operated by Jorge Edison Gomez Medina and his family for three generations, producing coffee in a conscious and sustainability focused manner, yielding incredible crops year after year.

This is a washed-process coffee which we found to have notes of maple syrup, honeycomb and distinct fruitiness – a delight as a black or milky coffee.

Available to order from our web-shop.


Decaf coffee


Colombia, El Eden – Decaf


Colombia, El Eden – Decaf

We are always looking for decaffeinated coffees that don’t compromise on flavour – and El Eden have produced exactly that. Harvested in the rural Paisa region of Colombia, El Eden is the result of various coffee lots picked by ten local smallholder farmers.

After harvest, the coffee is decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process, an organic, 100% chemical-free method that helps retain the flavours throughout.

Available to order in our shops, bakery, on the retail shelf and our web-shop.



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