House Espresso – Milk



Brazil, Eldorado.

This coffee is roasted for espresso, and best suited for those who drink their coffee with milk.

Brewed best as an espresso, stove top or cafetière.

Taste notes of cocoa, hazelnut, with a syrupy mouthfeel.

This coffee comes as a result of working closer in the supply chain to Eldorado, as we hope to form a long lasting relationship with the farm.


Product Information

Mr. Laerce Franca Faleiros has been working with coffee for over 55 years. As a family owned business, his son Elvis now manages the Eldorado farms, having spent his whole life immersed in the world of coffee. He aspires to leave a legacy for his children and future generations through sustainable production, and yielding quality coffees for their customers.

This honey, pulped and natural process coffee results in sweet flavours that shine through milk, but is also enjoyable as a black coffee.

Product Specification




Laerce França Faleiros


Honey, pulped, natural


Red bourbon, yellow bourbon, catuai


1205 Masl