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climate-conscious flour


With a constant stream of loaves and bakes coming straight from our new bakery at 50a Bridge Street, we knew we had to work in partnership with a flour supplier with the same values and ideals as us in terms of sustainability and quality produce.

We’re excited to be supplied by Wildfarmed – an organic, nutritionally focused stone-mill with a climate conscious mindset.


climate conscious flour


Wildfarmed not only tastes great, but does good too. Unlike mass-produced flour that relies on steel roller mills that strip the grain of flavourful, nutrient-rich grain, Wildfarmed only stone-mill their grain, ensuring their flour is loaded with protein, vitamins, fibre, antioxidants and healthy fats.


bakery bread


Additionally, they are incredibly aware of the impact that farming has on the environment. By using simple regenerative farming practices and working to cultivate high-quality grains without chemicals, Wildfarmed are able to produce resilient, nutritious crops while constantly improving the soil and surrounding ecosystem.


wheat field


In fact, by 2030, the Wildfarmed system will be removing as much CO2 from the atmosphere as a 100-year old rainforest the size of Greater London!


delicious loaves


We are incredibly pleased to be working in partnership with Wildfarmed as our flour supplier, to help us produce delicious loaves and bakes with sustainability in mind.

Available as part of many of the dishes on the menu using our loaves, and soon to be available as part of the retail selection at our Bakery at 50a Bridge Street.



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