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What’s the tea? We are proud to partner with the tea experts at Quinteassential to bring you an exciting, diverse selection of teas to choose from. 

Bernadine Tay, the founder of Quinteassential, has used her biomedical science background to create a unique collection of speciality tea blends. With a firm focus on connecting cultures and embracing adventures, these teas are like no other and use only the finest quality grade of leaf tea, herbs, fruits and flowers. Sustainability is at the forefront of our values and we are grateful that Quinteassential is continuously working to improve its processes and packaging to support the health of the planet, as well as its tea drinkers.

Tea has been used for centuries as a healing elixir, with traditional Chinese medicine even recommending three cups a day for optimal health. Studies have also shown that tea has amazing healing properties for both the body and mind. Created from the camellia sinensis plant, our tea from Quinteassential offers a physical and mental benefit as well as being simply delicious. 

At Jaunty Goat, we have undergone “tea training” with Bernadine and Christos, and are ready to help you choose the perfect tea for your tastes. From Imperial Earl Grey to Tales of the Orient, we are confident that we can find the perfect tea for you. And, if you need a recommendation for a cake to pair with your tea, just ask – we are always happy to help!

You can find our selection of Quinteassential at both our Bridge Street and Northgate Street shops.

What’s the tea we’re serving?

  • The Jaunty Goat Blend (English Breakfast)
  • Imperial Earl Grey
  • Green Flamingo
  • Japanese Kukicha Green
  • Cleanse
  • Tales of the Orient
  • Mellow Mint

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