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Traceability & transparency in coffee: What does it mean?

We aim to source and share the best tasting coffee we can, but it is important for us to know that the coffee we purchase is doing good within the surrounding communities. Central to our sourcing philosophy is a distinct focus on ethical and environmental considerations at both the level of the producer and the importer. We value traceability from bean to cup and transparency in sustainable pricing for producers. But what does this actually mean?


Traceability ensures we are able to map the entire coffee supply chain. Starting with the growing region and farmer, to the harvesting and processing, the buying and importing, and roasting. Traceability of coffee allows those in the coffee supply chain to recognise the hard work that growers put in. Increased recognition allows the growers to feel they are being fairly compensated for their efforts. It also encourage customers to support a coffee that they know is being produced by real people, in real places.

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Coffee traceability and transparency are often equated as one concept. However, it’s important as both suppliers and consumers that we understand the difference, despite them going hand in hand. Transparency is the clarity of matters; it involves providing an honest and comprehensive look at each stage of the process. This includes disclosing the coffee’s specific origins, information about the farmgate price (the price paid directly to the farmer), FOB price (the price that a buyer pays a coffee exporter when the coffee is ready to be shipped out) and FOT price (the price that a buyer pays to transport coffee bound for the port).

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A result of better coffee traceability and transparency is that coffee is treated not as something where its value is measured in volume alone, but as a precious product where quality and price can vary depending on several factors. At Jaunty Goat, it’s important to us that we communicate to our customers, about where our coffee comes from and who was involved in that process. It’s through this transparency, that we are proud to have created special, long-term relationships with our producing partners.

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