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In 2021, we started our partnership with Project Waterfall.

Their mission is to unite the global coffee industry to help end the water crisis through community-led projects by bringing clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities across the world.


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For every large carafe of filtered still or sparkling water we charge just £1, with all profits going to Project Waterfall.

Throughout October and December of 2022 we raised a total of £1026.80 which will go straight to their current project in Berbere, Ethiopia!




Home of the ‘Arabica’ coffee, Ethiopia is Africa’s top producer of coffee, with 15 million people relying on the production of it for their livelihood. Carried out by WaterAid, this project will bring clean drinking water and sanitation to communities in the coffee-growing Berbere district of Ethiopia.

The project in Berbere, Ethiopia started last year, reaching 41,539 people. Project Waterfall have four main objectives with this project – one being to educate and empower community members, especially women, to better understand their rights to clean water and sanitation.


A Group of Women Collecting Water From Lake


Women and girls are typically responsible for household chores, and are usually expected to collect water. The journey is often long and dangerous, and the weight of the full bottles can leave life long injuries. Women often spent up to 8 hours collecting water. This time could be spent going to school, earning a living or raising a family.

In donating profits made from filtered still and sparkling water sold across the year, we have raised £5,037.15 for the cause. During UK Coffee Week 2022, we raised an additional £160.90 by donating 10p from each plant-based milk drink sold in the week – bringing our total amount raised in the year to £5,198.05.

We wouldn’t be able to make these donations without your constant love and support. It’s because of you that we are able to make this happen.

Thank you, as always.

More information on Project Waterfall can be found here.

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