Test Roast



As part of our quality control process, we continually adapt and adjust roast curves in pursuit of the ideal. This experimentation inevitably results in some test roasts, which we believe are too good to waste and so are made available to purchase at a slightly lower price.

Suitable for either filter coffee or espresso, in which the origin is likely to vary and occasionally will be a blend – please consider this variable if you are ordering frequently.


Product Information

Our test roasts are a result of defining our roast-profiles and curves through a series of tests on our Probatone 12 coffee roaster, based in our Chester roastery, just outside of the city centre.

Rather than let these batches of test coffee go to waste, they are available to purchase as 1kg bags, either as whole bean or ground to your preferred brewing method.

Each bag is likely to have a different origin or roast profile – ideal for those who are looking to try something a little out of the ordinary, but still entirely capable of producing a great cup of coffee!

Product Specification



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