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Colombian trio


Three Colombian coffees, from three different regions, with three different process – perhaps our most exciting filter coffee lineup to date.

We are excited to share three Colombian filter coffees served up on our Bridge Street and Northgate Street bars – each exploring unique flavours through different processes used by three outstanding coffee farms.


Colombian trio

Cherry blossons


The first is La Maria, from second-generation coffee producer Alexis Jojoa, which is located in the Consaca municipality of Nariño, Colombia.

The 20 hectare farm hosts numerous varietals, with the coffee harvested manually through the assistance of the local community.

Once the cherries are ripe, they are harvested, floated and sorted prior to being depulped. The coffee is fermented for 168 hours before being fully washed and dried in the sun for 15-22 days.


coffee fermentation

Coffee in the sun


Next on the lineup is El Zacatin, a high-altitude Natural process coffee sourced from producer Eduardo Fernandez Restrepo. This particular lot was selectively handpicked, sorted to remove any unripe cherries, then placed in a tank for 48 hours to allow for anaerobic fermentation, then sealed for a further 24 hours. The cherries are then spread out onto raised beds for 30 days where they will naturally dry in the sun.

This lends itself to yielding vibrant flavours, in which we found notes of dark cherry liqueur and Turkish delight.


coffee making process



Finally we have Finca Villa Betuila, a lot of carbonic maceration processed coffee consisting of anaerobic fermentation for 24 hours, which is then later placed inside GrainPro bags for 60 hours maintaining temperature below 22 degrees celsius. CO2 is also added, helping to retain flavour when transporting and storing the coffee prior to roasting.

The coffee was then later pulped, washed, and placed on raised beds below 35 degrees until ideal moisture content was achieved – a fruity selection from producer Luis Anibal, with notes of apricot, strawberry and kiwi.

Our filter coffees are available to order at our Bridge Street and Northgate Street shops – ask our baristas for more information.  You can also pick up a bag to brew at home, or get all three as a bundle.

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