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Introducing our new filter coffee, served at our Bridge Street shop and available to purchase – an exciting, juicy cup of naturally processed coffee from Finca El Tesoro, Colombia roasted locally by us, in Chester.

Nestled in the hills of the Planadas municipality, 1600 meters above sea level lies Yeferson Olaya’s farm, Finca El Tesoro in Tolima, 40 km away from the music capital of Columbia, Imbagué. The word Tolima comes from the indigenous language, meaning ‘river of snow or cloud.’ Tolima’s topographic diversity and favourable conditions allow for year-round harvesting, with its highly demanded coffee attracting investment into social, economic and educational strengthening. After a conflict-ridden past during the FARC occupation, coffee growers in Tolima are working hard to focus on quality and innovation, to improve the lives of the people in their community.

Many regions around Colombia are frequently recognised for their quality, and Tolima is no exception. Yeferson Olaya has adopted his family’s role in speciality coffee production. The coffee cherries are processed at the nearby farm Finca La Cinta, run by his father, Nolberto. Constantly looking for ways to improve organic production, water usage, and practices on the farm to simultaneously increase sustainability and lead to improved coffee quality, Yeferson follows his Father’s recognition as being committed to protecting the environment. He stresses the importance of using onsite materials and compostables during the process, despite this requiring additional work. This attentive processing reveals the true character of Tolima, as the beating heart of the Andean region. We aim to showcase this community and hard work in your cup of coffee.

Our team is tasting strawberry creams. We’re loving this one; let us know what you think when you visit us in-store.

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