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Women in the farming community are often faced with limited access to education, market and land opportunities. Gasharu Coffee supports the Rugori Women’s Crown Programme. After their first birth the women in Rwanda are given the ‘Urugori Crown’ as a symbol of motherhood, to recognise and show respect for their contribution to society.

More than 70% of Gasharu Coffee employees are women. Through the health insurance scheme, the programme aims to acknowledge their contribution and empower them socio-economically. By investing in women, providing them with training, financial resources, and access to markets, the aim is to overcome these barriers whilst empowering women to contribute to the coffee industry.

Gasharu Coffee

Despite having taken on the majority of responsibilities in their households, only a small percentage of the proceedings from coffee goes to women. Gasharu coffee is learning from the Rwandan culture to acknowledge the women’s work in the coffee value chain. We believe in supporting the communities, that make our coffee possible. This programme promotes gender equality, improving livelihoods and fosters the adoption of sustainable farming practices. A thriving coffee production in Rwanda, ultimately derives from inclusive growth and community resilience. If you would like to find out more or donate to the community programme, you can do so here.

We are serving Rwanda, Gashura on filter at both our Bridge Street and Northgate Street shops. It’s also available to purchase on our web-shop.

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