Ethiopia, Buku Hambela



This coffee is roasted for espresso.

Brewed best as an espresso, stove top or cafetière.

Taste notes of apricot and blueberry.


Product Information

This coffee was produced by smallholder producers in the Buku kebele, or village, and was processed at the Buku washing station operated by Esayas Bareso. The Buku Abel village, where the washing station is located within the Guji zone, sits 2350 meters above sea level.

Local farmers grow locally selected varieties 74110, 74112, and 74158, which were developed by the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) in the 1970s. Cherries are manually harvested before being taken to the processing station where they are hand sorted before being processed. The sorted cherries are then dried on raised beds where they are turned frequently until reaching their ideal humidity. All coffee is hand sorted a final time after drying before being prepared for export.

Product Specification




Buku Smallholders




74110, 74112, 74158


2275 masl

Cup Score

88 points

FOT Price

£12.40 per kg

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