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Our central hub for coffee development

Situated just outside of the Chester centre, the roastery is at the heart of the company – it is where we source and roast green coffee beans, develop our roast curves and taste profiles, cup and test, and it is also from here that we distribute all of the orders through our website and to our wholesale partners, including the likes of The Hollies, Hickory’s, BarLounge, and The Oakfield at Chester Zoo.

We source our coffee through some of the leading coffee exporters in the world — this allows us to work closer with the farms that harvest and process the coffee.

Traceability and transparency are incredibly important to us, and it is imperative that wherever we source our coffee from, it is ensured that the well-being of the farmers and surrounding communities are given a level of support from the organisations and exporters who manage the trade of coffee.

As suppliers of equipment from the likes of La Marzocco, Sanremo, Victoria Arduino, Marco, amongst others, we test and evaluate new machinery here to ensure reliability and to asses bar workflow for new wholesale partners – efficiency in service is important to us to ensure consistently produced results at a fast rate.

If you are looking to become one of our wholesale partners, or just wish to find out some more information, get in touch.

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