Rwanda, Gasharu



This coffee is roasted for filter.

Best brewed as a Chemex, V60, Aeropress or cafetière.

Taste notes of mango and grapefruit.


Product Information

The story of Gasharu Coffee goes back to 1976 when 17 year-old Celestin Rumenerangabo, planted his first coffee trees in Nyamasheke. A farmer and buyer of cherries, he grew the business to what it is today. Over the last 43 years, they’ve maintained an unwavering dedication to making the highest-quality coffee they can. Coffee has been critical to rebuilding their community after the 1994 Tutsi Genocide and it remains an important part of their culture and ways.

Gasharu Coffee supports the Rugori Women’s Crown Program – Urugori “women’s crown” is a crown that women in Rwanda are given after the birth of their first child as a symbol of motherhood. It is a symbol of respect and recognition of their contribution to society. Considering that more than 70% of Gasharu Coffee employees are women, this program is meant to continue acknowledging women’s contribution by empowering them socio-economically and improving their health through a health insurance scheme. Women in coffee farming communities often face limited access to land, credit, education, and market opportunities. By investing in women, providing them with training, financial resources, and access to markets, we can overcome these barriers and empower them to contribute fully to the coffee industry. This investment promotes gender equality, reduces poverty, improves livelihoods, and fosters the adoption of sustainable farming practices, ultimately leading to inclusive growth, community resilience, and a thriving coffee sector in Rwanda.

Product Specification


Nyamasheke District


Valentin Kimenyi


Anaerobic fermentation




1610 – 2100 masl

Cup Score

88 points

Farm Gate

£8.26 per kg

FOB Price

£8.84 per kg

FOT Price

£11.03 per kg

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