Papua New Guinea, Kagamuga



This coffee is roasted for espresso.

Brewed best as an Espresso, Stovetop or Cafetière.

Taste notes of raspberry, cranberry and chocolate.

This coffee instantly caught our attention upon tasting due to the unique and complex taste notes.


Product Information

From Kagamuga Dry Mill in Jiwaka, Papua New Guinea, comes a truly complex natural processed coffee that pleases with every sip.

The high-altitude lands of Jiwaka province are rich and fertile, most likely due to pre-historic volcanic activity, supporting incredible yield and luscious produce.

“Jiwaka” is a portmanteau of the first two letters of Jimi, Waghi and Kambia, the three districts from which the new province was formed in 2012, as well as the surname of Lucas Joseph Waka, the first Mt. Hagen District Commissioner of Melanesian race.

The green coffee is sourced from around 1500 smallholders in the Kindeng and Arufa municipalities, which may contribute to the complex taste of the coffee. The average farm size of these producers is only around 1-2 hectares. Ripe cherries are placed on raised beds and canvasses immediately after they are received, and frequently moved throughout the average 1-month drying period to ensure uniform moisture content.

Product Specification




Around 1500 different smallholders




Typica, Arusha, Bourbon


1520-1770 Masl

FOB Price

£7.41 per kg