Nicaragua, Samaria Las Minas



This coffee is roasted for filter.

Brewed best for Chemex, V60 and Batch Brew.

Taste notes of Red Wine Gums and treacle.

This coffee stood out for us as a family-owned farm specialising in processing such as anaerobic fermentation.


Product Information

Finca Samaria is nestled within the lush dense forests and rolling hills of the Diplito, Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua, close to the border of Honduras.

The Peralta family have been growing coffee since the beginning of the 20th century, but have only began marketing their coffees to international specialty coffee markets in recent years.

This coffee is harvested and left in the coffee cherry for 24 hours, then pulped and fermented, before being dried over the course of 18 – 20 days.

Product Specification


Diplito, Nueva Segovia


Peralta Family


24 hour natural anaerobic


Red Catuai


1320 – 1450 Masl