India, Ratnagiri Estate


This coffee is roasted for filter, and best brewed as an AeroPress, Chemex or V60.

Taste notes of orange and anise, with a buttery finish.

Red honey processed, and harvested at an altitude of 1200 – 1417 Masl. The varietal is Cauvery.

Family owned since 1920, this farm prioritises their environmental impact by pursuing eco-friendly methods wherever possible.

Product Information

Ratnagiri has been owned and operated by the Patre family since 1920, passed down from grand-father, to father, to son.

As an organic/biodynamic farm, maintaining Rainforest Alliance Certification, and surrounded by wildlife, including monkeys, leopards, tigers and elephants, Ashok and his family approach farming with ecology at the forefront, including recent installation of an EcoPulper machine which saves 65% of water use.

Product Specification

Weight N/A

Whole Beans, Cafetière, Filter, AeroPress, Stove Top, Espresso