Colombia, El Mirador



This coffee is roasted for filter.

Best brewed as a Chemex, V60, Aeropress or cafetière.

Taste notes of floral and nectarine.


Product Information

Wilder Lasso was born in a traditional coffee farming family in San Adolfo, Huila. At a very young age, Wilder left San Adolfo to become a veterinarian and went on to work with the best horse breeding farms in Colombia.

After working as a vet for several years, Wilder returned home to visit his family. On this visit home, he realised all was not well with his family and that they were struggling financially with their coffee farm. Wilder made the decision to move back to San Adolfo to help his family on the farm. At the same time, Wilder decide to transition their farm towards more Specialty Coffee focused production. Today, Wilder grows all types of exotic coffee varieties including Striped Bourbon, Tabi, and Pink Bourbon.

This coffee was exposed to a dry aerobic fermentation of 24 hours and then placed inside Grainpro bags for 90 hours at a temperature below 22 degrees celsius. In this environment, the bacteria feed on carbohydrates and sugars in the mucilage which leads to a higher concentration of lactic acid. Finally, the coffee was pulped, gently washed, and placed on raised beds until ideal moisture content was achieved.

This micro-lot is 100% Pink Bourbon. This varietal is currently under research in order to determine its origin. It is said that it is a mutation that took place at 2100 m.a.s.l in San Adolfo, Huila.

Product Specification


Huila, San Adolfo


Wilder Lasso


Washed lactic


Pink bourbon


1700 – 1750 masl

Cup Score

89 points

FOT Price

£15.50 per kg

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