Christmas Blend Bundle


A bundle of both of our Christmas Blends, one roasted for espresso, and the other roasted for filter.

Let us know in the order notes if you would like different grind sizes for each coffee.

Our Christmas Espresso Blend is full bodied, with taste notes of cinnamon and mulled wine.

Our Christmas Filter Blend has taste notes of cherry and nutmeg, with a complex characteristic.

Production from smallholder farmers was a stand-out for us when choosing this coffee.

Product Information

Our Christmas Espresso Blend is the culmination of a washed Guatemalan coffee sourced from the region of Huehuetenangao, and a natural Brazillian from Fazenda São João.

Our Christmas Filter coffee is a 50/50 blend of Guatemalan and Indian origins.

The Guatemalan component is sourced from the region of Huehutenango, as part of the Jabiru Union Cantinil, produced by smallholder farmers who typically have around 1ha of land.

Product Specification

Weight 0.25 kg

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