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Why we switched to card payments only

We decided to make the switch to accepting card payments only at our Bridge Street shop last year having only accepting card payments at our second branch on Northgate Street – and there are a number of benefits to doing so.


Faster service

Prior to switching to card payments only, we found that the vast majority of payments were by card – contactless definitely helped with this due to how quick and simple it is to make a transaction.

We’re incredibly grateful to still be busy in the current climate, and a tap-and-go payment speeds up service in comparison to counting coins and notes.

Cashing up

The ‘cash-up’ process often took around an hour to fulfil the counting of cash in the till at the end of each shift, as well as the necessary recording of total amounts from the till system to process towards our business accounts and trips to the bank.

By removing the cash-up process, this is of course beneficial to staff as they get to finish earlier, and beneficial to us as a business that’s open 364 days a year – allowing teams to focus on other areas in the work day.


Safety and Reduced Shortages

This also means there is less chance of error when cashing up, less chance that cash is lost, and also creates a safer environment for staff by not having cash on the premises.

Sometimes staff have to cash-up on their own towards the end of the day, and while we thankfully have had no such incident, reduces the risk of theft.

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